Indian River County Florida
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Administrative Approval
Administrative Approval Application
Application Information Package
Process Flowchart

PURPOSE: Administrative Approvals are required for minor modifications and improvements to development sites. Administrative approvals are generally the simplest (least involved) level of site plan approval.

HOW TO APPLY: Perform steps A, B, C, and D as described below:

STEP A. Complete the "Administrative Approval Permit Application". Be sure to complete the submittal checklist on the back of the form, prepare the appropriate number of plan sketches and pay the review fee.


¨ If you consider your proposed project exempt, complete the acknowledgment form.

¨ If your project requires land clearing, complete the "Application for Land clearing".

¨ If your project requires removal of any protected tree(s), complete the "Application of Tree Removal".

¨ The exemption form and application can be obtained from the Count Website at:

STEP C. Determine if any of the following are required:

1) County Right-of-Way Permit: IF work is proposed in a county road right-of-way (e.g. new driveway, driveway alteration), them complete the right-of-way permit application (attachment C).

(2) Concurrency Certificate: IF your project involves expansion of a use (e.g. retail space addition) or intensifying a use (e.g. changing a retail store to a restaurant) then a concurrency certificate will be required. If you are unsure whether or not concurrency applies to your project, contact the planning division current development section at 567-8000, ext. 242.

(3) County Utilities Approval: IF county water and/or wastewater service is required or proposed to be altered, or if the project would result in an increase in the demand of water and/or wastewater services, please contact the county utilities department at 770-5315.

STEP D. Submit all completed application forms, plan sketches, and fees to the planning technician.